Classic Tech 325 Mbps +3 Tv -12 Months Internet | Classic Tech 325 Mbps +3 Tv -12 Months



Key Specifications

Specifications Attributes Classic Tech 325 Mbps +3 Tv -12 Months
Package Details Classic Tech 325 Mbps +3 TV
MISC Price Rs. 17,735
Features -
Period Month 12
Router Deposit Rs. 500
Rental FREE
One Time Setup Charge ONU Rental & ONU Deposit -
Drop Wire Charge FREE
Offers Special -
Installation Charge Rs. FREE
IPTV STB Deposit Rs. FREE (Primary) Rs. 500 (Secondary)
STB Rental
Activation Charge Rs. -FREE (Primary) Rs. 2,000 (Secondary)
STB Subscription
FUP Limit Applicable
Other Any -Each of the aforementioned prices is imposed to 13% VAT, -5 Meter Ethernet cable is provided for free of cost in the course of TV installation. Supplementary Ethernet cable costing Rs. 33 (inc VAT) per meter will be applicable. -Telecommunication service charge and other support service charge is included in all above-mentioned subscription. Support service charge includes 24/7 phone support and service maintenance up to Customer Distribution Box. -Classic Tech assures the latency and speed within its own base and approached the network through direct-wired connection up to subscribed bandwidth only. -The set-top box is provided for costless by company, only activation charges, and a deposit has to be imposed by the company and the chargeless set-top box is valid for one time only, if the previous set-top box provided by the company got damaged then charges are applied for a new set up box. -Fair Usage Policy is relevant on all Unlimited plans. -The above-displayed schemes are designed for Home-Package only. -The aforementioned schemes are for a limited period only. -For absolute Terms and Conditions, Click Here