Specification Attribute NT Fibernet 25 Mbps +1Telephone (Renewable) -1 Month
Package Details NT Fibernet 25 Mbps +1Telephone (Renewable)
MISC Price Rs. 981.59 (With VAT)
Features -The package will provide 250 minutes, 750 minutes, and 3000 minutes of on-net telephone calls for free with the combo pack.
Period Month 1
Router Deposit Not applicable.

-Rs. 2,825 for NTFiber CPE (Router) Single Band (Free one NT Fiber CPE for new connection with one year internet package),

-Rs. 3,710 for NTFiber CPE (Router) Dual Band (Free one NT Fiber CPE for new connection with one year internet package).

One Time Setup Charge ONU Rental & ONU Deposit Not applicable.
Drop Wire Charge Rs. 10 per meter (up to 100 meters Free Drop Fiber for new connection).
Offers Special

-If customer just need a telephone line over FTTH, then customer need to pay Rs 248.60 per month,

-All individual NTFiber internet subscribers shall get free data bonus of 300 MB per day in one GSM Mobile. Customers can dial *1416# to activate bonus data on mobile(Valid only for yearly package subscribers),

-For those who buy the FTTH internet package for a year, Ntc will provide free CPE for the new FTTH line.

Installation Charge

-Rs. 500 (Without Telephone),

-Rs. 1,165 (With 1 Telephone),

-Rs. 1,830 (With 2 Telephone).

IPTV STB Deposit Not applicable.
STB Rental Not applicable.
Activation Charge Not applicable.
STB Subscription Not applicable.
FUP Limit Fair User Policy (FUP) will be applied on daily basis i.e. 30 GB per day.
Other Any

-The CPE will have a warranty for one month during which it will replace or repair for free. Whereas after that if something goes wrong with the device, you can replace it by paying the whole sum,

-Usage Charge of NTFiber Telephone is 248.60 per month (Rental Fee) i.e. Without internet Telephone only, -Existing NTFiber subscribers can upgrade to new package by visiting concerned NT office,

-All charges mentioned above are inclusive of applicable taxes,

-For more info: